Graduated in Graphic and Design from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He has developed an important career as an illustrator in magazines and advertising agencies. His keen interest in comics and history has led him to develop several comic book projects, all based on German history in the first half of the twentieth century.

In 1988 he published his first comic album titled Werwölfe (Editorial Carlsen), followed by a Hamburg story (Edicions de Ponent, 2001) about a childhood forced to survive in the tough times after World War I.

In this same line and also in Edicions de Ponent, he published, in 2003, La Sospecha, and in 2008 and 2010, El Retorno a Novgorod I and II, works that reflect his stance against the atrocities of war and the eagerness to That history is not repeated.

He has also worked as a scriptwriter for Tom Takahashi’s “Jiraishin” series (Kodansha Publishing, Tokyo, Japan). In 1994 he was awarded a scholarship in Japan, sponsored by this publishing house, where he met Ana Juan with whom he collaborated, as an author, in the “Trilogy of the North Sea”.